Tips for Getting a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Tips for Getting a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Tips for Getting a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Nobody is guaranteed a Popeyes chicken sandwich. After nearly two months hiatus, the Popeyes chicken sandwich made it’s much-anticipated return on November 3.

In the days since, restaurants’ supply of fried-chicken breasts and buns seem to be struggling to meet overwhelming consumer demand. But these tips might help.

Tip No. 1: Go early. If a Popeyes restaurant gets a shipment in before the restaurant opens, early lunchers will have the best luck. Go as early as 10 a.m., if your Popeyes opens then.


Tip No. 2: Go inside the restaurant. Most Popeyes are subtle when it comes to signifying they’ve run out of chicken sandwiches. Those waiting in the drive-thru may not realize they’re gone until they see a sign on the speaker near the drive-thru menu board. However, most restaurants that are out of sandwiches also post a sign on the door leading into the restaurant. Check there first.

Tip No. 3: Order a whole bunch of sandwiches. If you’re patient and lucky enough to place an order for the chicken sandwiches, make it count. There is uncertainty as to when your next opportunity will come.


Tip No. 4: Stay alert. Chicken sandwich shortages have frustrated patrons, with one Texas man pulling a firearm in response, and causing at least one stabbing at a Maryland Popeyes location.

Tip No. 5: Just wait. A spokeswoman says this is a permanent addition to the menu, so if you can handle not getting one today or next week, you could try again when the food hype dies down.

UPDATE: It is purported that Black Tony may be reselling the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich at comedy shows. If so, this may give consumers additional opportunities for achieving a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich.

Outreach to Popeyes representatives to confirm Black Tony as an official distributor was not immediately returned.

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