Cyber Monday Offer: Tulsa, OK Is Offering Remote Workers $10K to Relocate?

Well, I’m aware that Alaska pays oil dividends to all residents each year, as part of an agreement in which the government sells mineral asset rights to numerous Oil and Gas Corporations. Residents reportedly earn in the ballpark of $8,000 annually from the state government, in exchange for the unusual business arrangement between Alaska and Big Oil.


Now, apparently, the city of Tulsa, OK is offering remote workers $10k to relocate. The proposal also includes credit for 3 months apartment rental and free access to a downtown coworking space for remote workers willing to relocate to Tulsa. Seeming too good to be true and immensely intriguing, I needed more information.


Is this just crazy Tulsa being crazy Tulsa or is this indicative of things to come? Will other cities be having similar campaigns? Too early to know for sure, I presume. Tulsa could be an innovator or just desperate, but I would bet this will not be the last American city to offer a signing bonus to employed, tax-paying citizenship prospects.

I went ahead and reached out to my current city government provider to see if they would be interested in matching the offer I’d received:

As of the posting of this article, I’ve yet to hear back from my current provider. Having said that, they would likely need have approval from senior-level management to make this custom request happen. I will try to follow up with an update once I know more.

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